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Contemporary Home, Scotland

Contemporary Home, Scotland
Contemporary Home, Aluminium and timber doors and windows

This development in the exposed Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, involved the initial demolition of an existing property, which the owners had outgrown, and the construction of a new home which was more user friendly to the client’s requirements.


For the architects, Simon Winstanley Architects, creating a light, spacious home which did not impose itself over neighbours or the local landscape was the main priority on this project. By enveloping the home within the landscapes natural slopes and by setting the top floor back from the ground floor, the building is sympathetic to its surroundings yet striking at the same time.


Two systems from Olsen Doors & Windows have been used to maximise light and open up living spaces without compromising on aesthetics or thermal & acoustic levels.


The main window system utilised is the Euro Alu range with U-values as low as 1.0W/m2K. With minimal, slim profile frames wide frames have been used to allow the architects to incorporate an angular floating roof as well as stunning panoramic views all around the building on both floors.


To open out living spaces onto the decked terrace and back patio, sets of Thermo HS lift & slide doors have been used with U-values as low is 1.0W/m2K. On the terrace two sets each at 2.2m high and 3.8m wide have been placed next to each other, giving more excellent views across the landscape and of the Urr Water (River Urr). The door set on the rear of the property which completely opens out the living space inside with the patio and gardens outside is a set at 2.5m tall and 7.5m wide in a 4 panel configuration leaving a wide opening of around 3.4m once the centre two panels are slid apart.


All Euro Alu & Thermo HS products used in this project are triple glazed products with external aluminium cladding. As the project is within a stone’s throw of the Scottish coastline and thus is classed as in an exposed location, special marine coatings have been used on the aluminium finish and the ironmongery to ensure maximum lifespan of the products. With high weather ratings on both product systems used the client can be happy that these products are not going to let them down in the harsher, autumn & winter months.


Externally the doors & windows have been finished to RAL 7015 (Slate Grey) which contrasts beautifully with the newly fitted timber cladding but over time as the cladding weathers, it shall grey and then compliment the frames, ensuring that the aesthetics of the home shall be as stunning & striking in 30 years time as they are now.


Internally the timber profiles are made from finger jointed (minimum of 400mm intervals) Pine which is also laminated to ensure maximum life span and to prevent warping & twisting. The timber is finished with a clear lacquer to ensure the natural beauty of the timber is on full view.


Architects: Simon Winstanley Architects


Photographs courtesy of Andrew Lee

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