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Sash Windows

With advances in technology, it is now possible to get Sash Windows with double or triple glazing which offers excellent, previously unthinkable performances. As well as the advances in glazing units, Sash windows can now come with a "tilt function" which allows the sliding components to be tilted inwards for easy cleaning of external faces - perfect for multi story buildings.


• Pine or Oak

 Factory applied paint or stain

 Modern spiral balance operation

 Traditional weights and pulleys also available

 Optional tilt function on spiral balance

 Double or triple glazed low-e units

 Choice of fittings

 Decorative horns and other moldings available

 U-values of 1.3W/m2K

 Caldwell hardware system

 5 year warranty*


Spiral Balance

Spiral balance sash windows are a more modern window than that of the traditional weight & pulley option. 


Working with a spring on the jambs of the window, there is no need for a bulky box section of frame to encase a weight. This means that the sight lines of the sash windows are slightly slimmer which leads to larger glass area. 


Within the spiral balance range there is also an option to add a tilt function to the sliding sash. This enables the sliding sashes to be tilted into the room (hinged from the bottom) to allow for cleaning of the external facades from the inside of a building.


Weights & Pulley

Weights & pulleys is the traditional way in which sash windows are operated. The system works with an iron bar (roughly the same weight as the sash) attached to a cord which rolls over a pulley and then attaches to the sash. This enables the sash to be slid up and down with relative ease.


Because this system has to have a box section within the framework for the weight to be concealed in, the frame is thicker than that of the Spiral Balance system.


Traditionally Sash Windows were made to only encase single glazed units, compromising thermal performance dramatically. Our modern day Sash Windows are available with either double glazed or triple glazed units which are argon filled to maximise thermal efficiency of the products.


Glazing Bars

Glazing bars are a very traditional element to Sash Windows. Traditionally, in single glazed units, glazing bars would have separated the glass panes which creates a weak point in the window. When glazing bars are used in our modern Sash Windows there is an internal and external timber bar fixed onto the glass face with a dummy spacer bar within the glass unit. This method helps keep the rigidity and strength of the window as well as maintain its thermal and acoustic performance.


CAD Details (PDF)

Sash Windows