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Elite 92 Alu

Elite 92 Alu
Triple glazed inward opening alu clad timber windows


Engineered, laminated timber profiles

Pine or Oak timber frames

Low maintenance external aluminium cladding

Factory applied paint or stain

Tilt and Turn, tilt only or turn only – all inward opening

Siegenia Titan AF opening mechanisms

Circumferential fittings with micro ventilation and anti-burglar catch

Factory fitted 36mm, 44mm or 48mm triple glazing

Overall U-value for 48mm triple-glazed system of approx. 0.76W/m2K

Internally beaded with secret nailing

SECURITY TESTED TO BS7950 (Security test referred to for SBD)

Possibility for shaped opening windows

Competitive price

10 Year Guarantee*

Elite 92 Alu is a range of aluminium clad, inward opening tilt & turn timber windows. With multiple functions available, the Elite 92 Alu range is a very popular choice on many projects for domestic, commercial and residential use. Enhanced security options make this range able to comply with Secured By Design specifications and also has many other optional accessories for safety, security and comfort at a very competitive price.


The external aluminium cladding provides a strong, durable external surface which requires minimal maintenance which both reduces future costs and improves the life expectancy of the product.



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Elite 92 Alu windows are inward opening casements with a tilt & turn function. Several key types and functions are available:

Fixed window

Tilt & turn - first 90 degree turn of handle gives a tilt function, a full 180 degree turn allows the window to turn inwards

Turn & tilt- first 90 degree turn of handle allows the window to turn inwards, a full 180 degree turn gives a tilt function

Tilt only- bottom hung inward tilting window for ventilation

Tilt & turn balcony door - same function as tilt & turn window but with a deeper bottom rail. Available with handle inside only.

Turn only balcony door - inward or outward opening door with deeper bottom rail than that of a window. Available with handles in only.


Opening lights and fixed lights can be built in one frame with endless design possibilities.

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Elite 92 windows are triple glazed units which offer fantastic thermal insulation. The triple glazed units have 2x soft-coat low-e coatings and have the gas cavaties filled with Argon. A 36mm unit (4-12-4-12-4mm) gives an overall window U-value of 0.94W/m2K. A 44mm unit will give a U-value of 0.86W/m2K.


For ultimate performance, a 48mm unit offers overall window U-values of 0.76W/m2K.


SAA key locking Hoppe handles

Trickle vents to the outer frame = trimvent

Trickle vents to head of sash = spilvent

Opening restrictors (child safety catch)

Protective foil to glazed units for protection

Hau-Tau lever fittings for high level windows.


All timber is finished with a choice of stains or paints. Paint choices are from the RAL Classic range.


The external aluminium cladding on the Elite 92 Alu range is Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) to a choice of paint finish from the RAL Classic range. This range has approximately 250 colours to chose from.

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