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Timber & Aluminium Windows

Timber & aluminium windows, more commonly known as alu-clad timber windows are a combination of timber and aluminium frames. 


Internally the windows are made from engineered timber which gives the frames a high insulation level as well as the ability to be stained or lacquered so the natural beauty of the timber can be appreciated.


Externally these windows are clad in aluminium, thus the name alu-clad timber windows. This cladding is either done by bonding the aluminium to the timber (like our Combi Alu system) or by using clips attached to the timber frames (like our other systems).


This external aluminium cladding gives the windows several benefits. Most importantly it means the timber is protected from the elements, meaning the timber frames likely to have extended life-spans, requiring next to no maintenance throughout their lives. 


This option also means a dual colour product is standard, with one stain or paint colour on the timber internally and a different, if you wish, paint colour externally.