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At harmony with nature, the SF75H folding door is suitable for all internal and external applications, for domestic and commercial use, including living room extensions, French or patio door replacement, conservatories, sunrooms, balconies, bars, restaurants, shop fronts, swimming pool enclosures and particularly, coastal locations.

• Suitable for Domestic and Commercial use

• Energy efficient - compliant with Building Regulations Doc. L

• Minimalist profile design - slimmest sightlines in Europe 122mm

• Severe weather rated – tested and certified

• Minimal cushion finger safe gaskets

• Meets Association of British Insurers requirements

• Virtually maintenance free

• Doors and fixed glazed screens to suit



Timber Types

The standard timbers are Meranti (hardwood) and Nordic Pine (knot free-softwood), while other timbers such as American White Oak or European Oak are available by special order. The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced by our finishing techniques, resulting in the product being comparable to that of high quality furniture, no other system looks like it or can perform like it.


The Sunflex SF75h is manufactured from triple-laminated solid timber sections. These sections have been stabilised at stress points and bonded back together with opposing grains, which creates added strength whilst preventing warping and twisting.


Track Options

There are two choices of track; a standard stepped weathered track for a severe weather rated system or for added convenience and improved safety a thermally broken aluminium flush track recessed into the floor. This provides a level walkthrough with an uninterrupted floor finish, compliant to Doc. M of the Building Regulations for disabled access.

The standard weathered track system, for severe weather conditions, provides a perimeter double-rebated seal. This system achieves DIN 18055, Category C performance for wind loading and water leakage.

The flush track system seals at the bottom via double, twin nylon brush piles separated by a twin fin seal, giving an effective seal. It is recommended that some form of a sunken drainage channel and a slope away from the doors be integrated, to avoid any pooling of water.


Minimal finger cushion gaskets

The double gasket seals between the door panels are continuous even behind the hinges and of superior quality (consisting of long lasting APTK). The unique design of these self sealing gaskets, combined with centre bubble gaskets, provide a minimal gasket sightline while providing a cushion to minimise the effect if fingers were to be trapped.



The SF75h can be a top or bottom-running system. A bottom-running system is recommended unless it is not possible to accommodate a deeper (40mm) bottom track. The aluminium running carriage mechanism consists of four wheels, manufactured from tough glass fibre reinforced polyamide, set around a maintenance-free sealed bearing, giving a quiet, smooth operation with optimum resistance to extreme temperatures. Each running carriage and guide mechanism can carry up to 200 kilograms.


Self-lubricating collar type bearings provide quiet operation without squeaking hinges.


There is a vast range of different configurations the SF75h can be made in. The doors can either be opened to the inside or outside.



Sunflex superior design ensures that when the laminated timber panels are closed they interlock, forming a solid joint that ensures maximum weatherproofing in addition to being an excellent security feature. The system has been designed in such a way to ensure there are no draughts or rattles when the doors are closed.


A high level of security is provided as standard, with an effortless, quick, smooth and easy operation. It consists of a two-point top and bottom shoot bolt mechanism, with additional central locking point to end Lead door. The locking system is incorporated within the framework within each intermediate panel, operated by an internal flush handle. The shoot bolt rods are manufactured in aluminium and linked by a corrosion resistant cam. In addition, they are capped with polyamide cones that prevent any metal damage to the tracks when locking, whilst compressing the panels tight against the top and bottom seals.


Five-lever key-locking cylinder

A five-lever Euro profile cylinder key lock and handles are fitted to the end lead door or single pass door where there are an odd number of panels, or to the first opening pair, in an even number of panels. These can be fitted to either the inside only or both internally and externally as required, meeting the requirements of the Association of British Insurers. By integrating the locking cylinder into the existing profile in this way eliminates the need for an additional add-on profile familiar with other sub standard systems, ensuring all sight lines remain symmetrically the same.


Added security options

Additional key locks can be added at every intermediate handle point for higher security. Mortice locks can be fitted where a latching position is required for added convenience. As an alternative to mortise locks, a multi-point ESPAG lock can be fitted. This offers the additional benefit of multi-point locking throughout the height of the system as well as providing a latching position.

Panic locks can be fitted for fire escapes, etc. Sunflex also offers electric latch release locks and roller ball latch locks for commercial use.


Internally glazed and locking hinge pins

For improved security all Sunflex folding doors systems are internally glazed as standard, with external center secured locking hinge pins and interlocking panels.




Handles and hinges are made of cast alloy; handles are sprung loaded and flush fitting to enable door panels to stack flat when fully opened. Large ‘D’ handles and automatic door closures can be fitted if required, for commercial instances. Trickle vents of either 2500mm2 or 5000mm2 can also be incorporated within the head profile.


Panel Catch

In the situation of a single access or pass door in an odd number configuration, the panel is fitted with a heavy duty adjustable panel catch which prevents the door from swinging back round in high winds and also counter weights the door with the adjacent panel for effortless operation.


Pull Handles

When the folding door system opens externally the intermediate panels are fitted with a moulded ‘D’ shaped handle this is attached to the internal hinge between two even panels and sits neatly within the gasket line enabling easy closure of the panels against the compression top and bottom gasket seal.


Design Options

The door system designs can be customised according to your preference - options includes mid-rails, mullions, plant-on bars with dummy spacer grids, arched heads, timber fillets, deeper top and bottom profiles and solid in-fill panels, among many others. Additional ventilation can be achieved by incorporating a tilt and turn window within the door panels.