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SF55 & SF55c

When first released the SUNFLEX SF55 was a revolutionary new development; designed to shape the future of the folding door market. Not only does it provide a small profile width of only 55mm, in addition to narrower sight lines maximising glass area, it boasts of an unrivalled 24mm patented shaped polyamide thermal break. With a double glazed unit, offering overall U-values of 1.5W/m2K, the SF55 is also available with internal timber cladding for a more natural finish.


• Exceeds current and future Doc L building regulations
• Suitable for any external Domestic or Commercial application
• Severe weather rated – tested and certified
• Sleek narrow sight lines and styling for that contemporary look
• Revolutionary slim profile with unrivaled thermal properties
• Minimal cushion finger gaskets
• New stainless steel both top and bottom running carriages
• Lightweight construction and simple assembly
• Discreet hinges
• Meets the Association of British Insurers requirements
• Virtually maintenance free
The SF55 & SF55c now have a triple glazed alternative, the SF75 & SF75c. These systems offer overall U-values from 0.9W/m2K.


The SF55 profile is constructed from a strong aluminium extrusion, which has been thermally broken by a 24mm polyamide insulation bar, guaranteeing it optimum resistance to combat heat loss and condensation. The minimal framework is offered as a (WE) square edge profile.

All framework is assembled with patented molded corner blocks and the panels are machine mitred at the corners rather than the cheaper butt jointed alternatives. Each panel is connected to the next panel/outer frame by a minimum of 3 slim line hinges, ensuring an even, continuous seal around the perimeter of each door panel.
Track options
There are two choices of track; a standard stepped weathered track for a severe weather rated system or for added convenience and improved safety a thermally broken aluminium flush track recessed into the floor. This provides a level walkthrough with an uninterrupted floor finish, compliant to Doc. M of the Building Regulations for disabled access
The standard weathered track system, for severe weather conditions, provides a perimeter double-rebated seal. This system achieves DIN 18055, Category C performance for wind loading and water leakage.
The flush track system seals at the bottom via double, twin nylon brush piles separated by a twin fin seal, giving an effective seal. It is recommended that some form of a sunken drainage channel and a slope away from the doors be integrated, to avoid any pooling of water.
Minimal finger cushion gaskets
The double gasket seals between the door panels are continuous even behind the hinges and of superior quality (consisting of long lasting EPDM). The unique design of these self sealing gaskets, combined with centre bubble gaskets, provide a minimal gasket sightline while providing a cushion to minimise the effect if fingers were to be trapped.


Designed predominately to be bottom running, the stainless steel running mechanisms consists of four wheels, manufactured from tough glass fibre reinforced polyamide, set around a maintenance-free sealed ball-bearing, giving a quiet, smooth operation with optimum resistance to extreme weather and temperatures fluctuations. Each wheel and guide mechanism can carry up to 200 kilograms.

The advanced pioneered technology in this system is designed to be completely fitter friendly and upon installation enables the height of the system to be easily adjusted with the simply use of an Allen key.
Self-lubricating collar type bearings provide quiet operation without squeaking hinges.
There is a vast range of different configurations the SF55 can be made in - see below for the full range. The doors can either be opened to the inside or outside. 


A high level of security is provided as standard. With an effortless, quick, smooth and easy operation consisting of a two-point top and bottom shoot bolt mechanism, with additional central locking point to end Lead door the SF55 is one of the most secure folding, sliding doors available on the market. 

The locking system is incorporated within the framework within each intermediate panel, operated by an internal flush handle. The shoot bolt rods are manufactured in aluminium and linked by a corrosion resistant cam. In addition, they are capped with polyamide cones that prevent any metal damage to the tracks when locking and whilst compressing the panels tight against the top and bottom seals.


Five-lever key-locking cylinder
A five-lever Euro profile cylinder key lock and handles are fitted to the end lead door or single pass door where there are an odd number of panels, or to the first opening pair, in an even number of panels. These can be fitted to either the inside only or both internally and externally as required, meeting the requirements of the Association of British Insurers. By integrating the locking cylinder into the existing profile in this way eliminates the need for an additional add-on profile familiar with other sub standard systems, ensuring all sight lines remain symmetrically the same.
Added security options
Additional key locks can be added at every intermediate handle point for higher security. Mortice locks can be fitted where a latching position is required for added convenience. Panic locks can be fitted for fire escapes, electric latch-release locks and rollerball latch locks are also available for commercial use.
Internally glazed and locking hinge pins
For improved security all Sunflex folding doors systems are internally glazed as standard, with external center secured locking hinge pins.


The SF55c is, at heart, the same product as the SF55 but with one difference - timber cladding.


With timber cladding on the internal faces of the doors, a truly natural, warmer feel can be achieved by finishing your choice of timber in a natural stain. Pine or Meranti timber is available.

On the timber cladding there are two types of milling finish - either a rounded edge or a straight edge.