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Reynaers CS Windows

Reynaers CS Windows
Reynaers CS Windows


The windows in the CS series have different U-values and acoustic ratings due to the nature of their frame construction and thickness. However all the different systems have matching properties in the following categories:

Air tightness Class 4 (600Pa)

Water tightness up to Class E900 (900Pa)

Wind load resistance Class 5 (2000Pa)

Burglar resistance to Class WK3 (CS68 WK2)

The CS range of aluminium windows from Reynaers offers some of the best technical performances of an aluminium system in the world.


The CS range is divide into 4 categories; the CS68CS77CS86 and the CS104. The number of the systems name refers to the frames depth - the higher the number, the deeper the frame. This graduation in frame depths gives an improved technical performance of the systems. The CS104 is such an advanced system it can achieve overall window U-values down to 0.8W/m2K which is enough to achieve Passive House standards.



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Reynaers CS68

The Reynaers CS68 window system is a universal window with good performances regarding stability, thermal insulation and security. The CS68 system is available in a variety of functions including inward or outward opening windows and is compatible with the Ventalis ventilation units.


The Reynaers CS77 system is a versatile door & window solution which is highly insulated and meets the elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation. The CS77 is suitable to encase triple glazed units and can even achieve the Swiss Minergie component label for low energy buildings. The CS77 performance meets most severe European standards and can be adapted to be fire resistant and bullet proof. With a complete range of inward or outward opening window solutions available, the system also caters for balcony doors and will link up with the CF77 folding door and CP130 sliding door systems to create complete flexibility and endless design possibilities.


The Reynaers CS86 window system is a highly insulated solution of inward opening windows which meets the highest requirements for safety and security. The systems unique, deep insulation design not only ensures extreme water and air tightness but also makes it possible to encase triple glazed units for low U-values, making the CS86 suitable for low energy buildings. To back this fact up the CS86 also achieves the Swiss Minergie component label. The CS86 is also suitable to be linked up with the CF77 folding door and CP155 sliding door solutions making it suitable for all types of buildings with its endless design and configuration possibilities.


The CS104 window system is the latest, most advanced window solution by Reynaers. This solution offers unparelleled insulation values for an aluminium system and is even suitable for passive buildings. By the use of a patented insulation technology which contains a special foam which is encased within the thermal break and specially designed gaskets ensure the CS104 is the most thermally efficient and most wind and water tight aluminium system available on the market. With a frame depth of 104mm the flexibility of the CS104 system is greatly increased, giving architects and designers the possibility to design large expanses of triple glazing without compromising the buildings comfort.

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