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Reynaers CP130

Reynaers CP130
Reynaers CP130


Large sliding panels with uninterrupted, panoramic views

High performing lift & slide mechanism

Flush floor integration

High levels of performance 

Choice of hardware

Additional accessories to improve comfort, safety and security


Acoustic insulation (Rw) to 39dB - depending on glazing unit

Air tightness class 4 (600Pa)

Water tightness available up to class 9A (600 Pa)

Wind load resistance class 3 (1200Pa)

Wind load resistance to frontal deflection class C (<1/300)

Burglar resistance class WK2

The CP130 from Olsen UK is an all aluminium lift and slide patio door available in a variety of configurations. A standard sliding door is also available but is not the preferred choice by Olsen.


The lift & slide mechanism is operated by the turning of the handle by 180 degrees which enables the whole sliding sash to be lifted slightly and then effortlessly slid along the length of the track. This system offers unbeatable air and water tightness due to the compression seals that are engaged when the door is closed.



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Reynaers CP130 Configurations

The CP130 is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility. A special corner solution makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element, creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces. This makes CP 130 ideal for rooms with a view.


The CP130 comes in 3 different configurations; the monorail, the Duo rail and the 3-rail.


A Monorail system combines a sliding sash with a fixed glazed sash that is directly fixed into the outer frame profile for a minimalistic look. The fixed pane is normally set to the inside of the track, and is internally beaded making this configuration an outside sliding patio door.


Duo Rail system integrates two glazed opening sashes with an identical appearance, giving an aesthetically pleasing and versatile sliding door. Both sashes can be made as sliding elements giving total flexibility. Within the Duo rail system it is also possible to produce a four panel configuration with a 90 degree moving corner post creating a totally open corner.


A 3-rail system makes it possible for a third opening sash to be installed. This solution allows the user to slide door leaves one and two behind the third leaf, making it possible to open up two-thirds of the width of the opening.

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As standard the lift & slide CP130 comes with the Siegenia handle as shown on the right. There is the option to upgrade the handle to your choice from the Purity range of handles.


There are several additional accessories which can be added to the CP130 for extra safety, security and comfort. These include:

• Built in ventilation - Ventalis

• Sliding fly screen - Mosquito

• External, sliding sunscreens - BS40


Frames are finished with paint by a Polyester Powder Coating (PPC) process in which the profiles are sprayed with a fine powder and then are baked in an oven where the powder melts together to form one seamless, protective layer. Guaranteeing maximum quality, this procedure of the Reynaers products is performed according to the strict guidelines of of the European Qualicoat-standard.



A Coatex finish is a lightly textured, ruberised coating which is more scratch resistant than normal Polyester Powder Coated finishes



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