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Classic Series

Classic Series
Hajom Classic Series


Engineered timber profiles

Pine, Oak, Meranti, Teak or Iroko timber available

Aluminium clad option on most types

Factory applied paint or stain

GU German lift & slide fittings

Locking vent position

36mm triple glazing as standard

Externally beaded with drained & ventilated glazing method

U-value of approx 0.8W/m2K - dependent on glass spec

Hardwood threshold that can be designed into structure for part M compliance

10 Year Guarantee*

The core of Hajom's brand is the Classic Series – a unique sliding door design which was created more than 50 years ago. The lift & slide design of these sliding doors provides proven airtightness and feather light function – despite the fact that we never compromise on robust, solid materials.



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Hajom Classic ConfigurationsThe lift & slide action of this door is operated by the door handle. When closed (handle pointing up) the door is lowered a few millimeters which compresses the weather-seals, and engages the door into 2 locking points around the frame, for high security and weatherproofing.


By turning the handle into the down position, the whole sliding leaf is raised up a few millimeters, releasing the seals and enabling the door to be slid effortlessly along the track.


An internal cylinder lock provides added security. There is a secure ventilation position, and the door can also be lowered at any point along its track to prevent it from moving whilst open by utilising its own weight.


Type F - 1 Matching; fixed panel


Type A - 2 Panels; 1 sliding and 1 fixed. Also available as a pocket door where sliding element slides along track into a wall (Type B).


Type A+F - 3 Panels; 1 sliding in middle and a fixed panel either side (made by connecting a Type A2 panel and a Type F single fixed panel)


Type C - 4 Panels; 2 center panels slide apart behind 2 outer fixed panels. Also available as a double pocket door with sliding sashes sliding into a wall at both ends (Type P)


Type M - 4 Panels; end 2 panels slide into center, giving an opening at each end

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