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JeTrae Entrance Doors


The JeTrae entrance door system from Denmark offers a vast range of both contemporary and traditional design doors that are beautifully manufactured to the highest standards, but also feature one of the most robust, secure solutions on the market.


By definition, the JeTrae entrance door system is a "composite door" as it is made up of several elements: a hardwood outer frame, a steel framed door leaf with insulated core and real hardwood facades. 

This solid construction puts the JeTrae doors miles ahead of any other "composite" door on the market with their softwood cores and plastic frames and faces.


 High Security Steel Chassis

• Solid hardwood planks & panels, or painted alternatives

• Replaceable panels

• Factory applied paint or stain

 High security ASSA lock case laser cut into steel profile

 Additional locks available

 Overall U-Value of approx 0.98W/m2K

 Acoustic insulation of 36dB

• 15 Year non-warp guarantee*


Door frames and side/top-lights are manufactured with solid premium oak, measuring 45 x 115mm. In other words they are made of extremely sturdy wood. Special shapes and special glass types can be combined to create a completely unique and individual entrance screen perfect for your home.


As standard the internal panel is a smooth board, but additionally an extra can be added to the product where as the internal panel matches the design of the external panel.

Steel Profile Frame

On the outside of every door there is beautiful appearance but on the inside there is much, much more. Each JeTrae door is built around a steel profile frame made from 2mm thick profile formed sheet steel, with a thermal barrier, welded together to form a secure steel chassis.

Hinges & Handles

All JeTrae doors come with 4 or 5 Hinges, one half of which is welded to the steel frame. The hinges can be adjusted vertically and swing on a concealed ball bearing at the top of the hinge. This design means that all of the hinges bear an equal share of the load, ensuring that the door always swings open and closed easily. All hinges are adjusted at the factory and every door is checked individually prior to being sent to your site. 


All JeTrae doors come with one of the 4 screw holes left open on each hinge. This ensures that after the door frame has been mounted, an extra long screw can be screwed through the hinge and into the wall. This feature, unique to JeTrae products, offers not only extra security against break in but also increased reinforcement of the hinge.

Low Threshold

JeTrae doors can be specified with a low-threshold for compliance with building regulations or with a standard threshold with a packing piece underneath the aluminium threshold.