All of the doors & windows from Olsen come as standard with a full factory applied finish to a wide range of translucent or opaque paints or stains.

If you are looking at the possibility of mixing a number of products from separate systems into 1 project then it is always safer to select a factory applied paint finish from the RAL Classic range. If selecting translucent finishes then of course we will guide you towards a way of matching the stains as well as possible, but even if the same stain from the exact same pot is used from one factory to another then the results can still differ due to application techniques.

All finishes used are water-based (acrylic) micro-porous and are selected from each factory's standard range. Depending on products these include Teknos, Sikkens and Akzo-Nobel but please seek advice before starting to select.


To view the full range of RAL colours available visit this link

What is a Micro-porous Paint or Stain?

The term 'micro-porous' is often applied to specialist paints and stains and describes a coating that acts as a barrier to liquid water, but allows water vapour to pass through. The implication being that there is something special about the coating that keeps rainwater out of the substrate, but lets moisture that has found its way into the substrate escape as a vapour. Although almost all coatings will act as a barrier to liquid water, it is not correct to imply that coatings can be made so that moisture vapour can only travel through them in one direction. Moisture vapour will be able to pass through a coating equally well in either direction: from places where there is more moisture, to places where there is less moisture. The rate at which moisture passes through a coating is controlled by the permeability of the coating, the moisture content gradient, the film thickness, and the temperature.

In short the basic advantage to a "breathable coating" is that as no moisture is trapped into the timber behind the coating, it does not crack, blister, peel or flake. The micro-porous layer will gradually reduce through wear over time, meaning that when it comes to the redecoration of your external joinery, the preparation is minimal and a new coating can be re-applied over the top of the existing (as long as it hasn't been left to deteriorate excessively)

​Colour Charts

After you have placed your order with Olsen we can provide you with timber stain samples and/or printed RAL charts if requested to assist you in selecting the right finish for your project. 


Aluminium Finishes

Alu-clad / composite or all aluminium doors & windows are provided with a full PPC (Polyester Powder Coated) finish. Again the standard across the board for the range is the RAL Classic range. Some systems have some standard colours available and generally most systems do not include for pearl or metallic finishes within the standard range. Please contact us for more information on this.